The “National eHealth Operator” CJSC has been operating since September 2017. The founder of the company is the joint venture consisting of the  “Sylex SARL” LLC (Switzerland) www.sylextech.com and “Masys Apahov” (Armenia) LLC  www.masysapahov.am, which has been recognized as the winner of the tender announced by the Government of Armenia for transferring the eHealth system for concession management.

The Functions of the Operator Include:
  • Technical Management and Improvement of the System: Maintenance and exploitation of the servers, networks and technical infrastructures; acquisition, maintenance and upgrading of the equipments necessary for the improvement of their composition and structure.
  • Software maintenance: continuous operation of the system software, continuous upgrade of software tools, acquisition of software updates from the software vendor companies.
  • Subscriber and user service through a permanently operating customer service center.
  • Training for users (eHealth Academy) concerning the system usage.


“Sylex SARL” has a significant international experience in the sphere of electronic healthcare and insurance. It is the global partner of world famous Ericsson company in different countries in projects related to the launch of electronic healthcare systems.


Board Members

Avet Manukyan
Board Member, CEO

Avet Manukyan is the founder of the “Sylex Sarl” company and is the executive director of the “National eHealth Operator” CJSC. He has 22 years of experience in management, who led development and implementation of several large information systems in Armenia and abroad.

In addition to the development of e-health systems, Avet Manukyan has also led development and implementation of comprehensive insurance management systems (Armenia, Georgia), credit bureau management system (ACRA Credit Bureau, Armenia), judicial information system (DataLex, Armenia), patented algorithms for processing of digital signals (Great Britain), etc.

He graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute and was a lecturer in the same institute. He holds a PHD degree and is specialized in the artificial intelligence systems.
Garren Badalyan
Chairman of the Board

Garren Badalyan is the Chairman of the Board of the "National eHealth Operator" CJSC. He is also the financial director and the director of business development of  “Sylex Sarl” company in the United States. He has 19 years of experience in managing companies operating in financial and data-processing industries.

Prior to joining “Sylex Sarl”, Garren Badalyan led establishment of Qatar Central Bank's credit bureau, at the same time working for Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) as a project manager leading projects relating to financial infrastructures and credit bureaus. Prior to that, he worked for ACRA Credit Bureau for five years as Chief Operations Officer and Financial Director.

Garren Badalyan graduated from the Armenian State University of Economics. He is a PHD holder, member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, Great Britain) and the American CFA Institute, as well as a member of the CFA Boston Society.
Hayk Mikayelyan
Independent Board Member

Hayk Mikayelyan is an independent Board member of “National eHealth Operator” CJSC. He is a mathematician lecturing at the Ningbo branch of the University of Nottingham (China).

Prior to working at the University of Nottingham, Hayk held leading positions at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig (Germany).

Hayk Mikayelyan graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics of Yerevan State University and took Postgraduate Studies at Potsdam University, Germany.

Our Team

The team of the “National eHealth Operator” CJSC consists of 35 specialists.
Avet Manukyan
Chief Executive Officer
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Arman Melkonyan
Administrative and Financial Deputy Director
[email protected]
Tigran Afrikyan
Information Technology Director
[email protected]
Georgi Asatryan
Head of the Operations Department
[email protected]
Anna Artsruni
Head of Medical Process Management Departmen
[email protected]
Gayaneh Melkom Melkomyan
Chief Legal Advisor
[email protected]
Emilen Khudaverdyan
Chief Financial Analyst
[email protected]
Linna Sargsyan
Business Analyst
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The First Steps of the Electronic Healthcare in Armenia

The launch of the eHealth system in Armenia was initiated in 2010 with a memorandum signed between the Ministries of Economy and Health, based on which the system was launched by the EKENG CJSC.

In November of 2012 the Government of Armenia approved the project concerning the launch of a unified electronic information system in healthcare and schedule of events. As a result of the tender initiated by the World Bank, “Ericsson Nikola Tesla” company was selected as a provider of the system in September, 2013.

The introduction of the system was a three-phase process.
  • The design phase of the system was completed in 2014.
  • In 2015 EKENG CJSC and Ericsson Nikolas Tesla Company completed the development, launch and localization phases of the project.
  • During the 4th quarter of 2015 the pilot system was launched in "Heratsi" and "Muratsan" medical complexes, Goris medical center, Vanadzor polyclinic N 1, Balahovit medical ambulance, "Abovyan" medical center and "INGO-Armenia" insurance company.

“National eHealth Operator” CJSC

Pursuing the aim to transfer the electronic health care system to concession management, the RA Government organized a tender in 2017, as a result of which the joint venture consisting of “Sylex SARL” (Switzerland) and t “MaysisApahov” (Armenia) LLCs was announced to be the winner, according to the Government’s Decree N 866-N.

In accordance with the provisions of the concession agreement, the winner of the tender established the “National eHealth Operator" CJSC, which is the managing operator of the eHealth system in Armenia.