The tool about the distribution of state guaranteed medical services is available online

An online tool about the budget allocations of state-guaranteed free and privileged healthcare and medical services to healthcare providers is now available on the website of the National eHealth Operator CJSC ( 

The online tool gives the citizens the opportunity to get familiar with already provided state-funded healthcare services, available places and schedules by regions and service coverages. The coverages include the emergency healthcare services for socially vulnerable groups, servicemen and their families, as well as birth care, consultancy services provided by family doctors, dental services, etc.

The online tool of state-funded allocations aims at ensuring the transparency of the queuing process, raising public awareness of the available places for state funded healthcare services and excluding the cases of unsubstantiated refusals to provide state funded healthcare services to citizens. 

To remind, all state funded healthcare services are currently processed via the electronic healthcare system. Healthcare providers register preliminary scheduled patient visits in the ARMED system with appropriate coverages and services.
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