Version 1.02
Effective date: 18.01.2022

ARMED mobile application terms of use and privacy policy

This document sets out the terms of use and data privacy policy for ARMED mobile application (the Application).
This document (including its further modifications and additions) is an agreement between you and SYLEX SA (hereafter, the Provider), and shall remain in force for as long as you use the Application. This document also governs the services accessible through the Application.
By downloading and signing into the Application, you confirm that you have read this document and accept its terms and conditions without reservation.

Services, Intellectual Property and User License

  • The Application is interconnected with the Integrated eHealth Information System of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter, eHealth System) and allows you to find a doctor, make and cancel appointments, and to use other similar features (Additional Services).
  • With the purpose of supporting the efforts against COVID-19, as an Additional Service, the Application also allows you to access your COVID-19 test results, your vaccination information, access and download your digital COVID certificates and recovery certificates.
  • The Additional Services available to you through the Application are provided by the National eHealth Operator CJSC (hereinafter, Operator).
  • SYLEX SA and/or the Operator hold all intellectual property rights in the Application and its components.
  • A perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive and revocable license is granted to you to use the Application in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
  • The Application is not sold to you, and no intellectual property right therein is transferred to you.
  • You may not copy, reproduce or modify the Application, create derivative software or applications, or use the Application in any other unauthorized manner.

Information Security

  • To download and use the Application, your phone or other device on which you wish to access the Application must meet at least the following conditions:
    • it must have a stable internet connection
    • it must be in a good working condition, and must not have viruses, malware and/or incompatible software or applications.
  • In order to help you manage your dependents’ accounts, the Application allows you to register multiple accounts on the same device. You may not register other people's accounts on your device unless you are their legal guardian or have their authorization.
  • You are responsible for all use of the Application from your device, whether or not such use was with your knowledge or permission. Any action performed through the Application installed on your device will be considered to have been performed by you.
  • You must:
    • Use the Application in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, this document and other terms and conditions set by the Operator, and without infringing on the rights and interests of third parties;
    • Use the Application solely for the purpose for which it was made available to you;
    • Not make your device available to third parties once you have signed into the Application
  • It is prohibited to:
    • Use the Application in any manner that may affect the safe and uninterrupted operation of the eHealth System and/or the Application;
    • Use the Application for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose;
    • Try to obtain unauthorized access to the eHealth System and/or the Application or any of their components and/or to use such unauthorized access;
    • destroy, damage or bypass any information security barrier contained in the Application․
  • For security reasons, every action performed through the Application is automatically recorded and stored.
  • In order to improve the Application, the Provider may from time to time release new updates.


  • The Application is provided to you “as is”, and use of the Application is at your sole risk.
  • The Provider and the Operator do not warrant that the Application and the Additional Services will operate without defects or other shortcomings, but they will make reasonable efforts to prevent defects and shortcomings in the Application and Additional Services.
  • You shall be liable, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, for damages caused to the Supplier, the Operator or third parties that result from your use of the Application in violation of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, the Terms of Use of the eHealth System or this document.
  • The Supplier and the Operator shall not be liable for any damage that you incur as a result of unlawful actions of third parties, their illegal access to the Application, its unauthorized use or misuse.
  • The Supplier and the Operator shall not be liable for failures of the Application and Additional Services resulting from circumstances beyond their control.

Personal Data Privacy Policy

  • Personal data is processed through the eHealth System in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and the Term of Use of the system, which you read and accept when registering in the system.
  • When you first sign into the Application, you are required to provide your personal public service number and phone number, which are used to identify you and to connect to your account on the eHealth System.
  • The information you provide during your registration is stored for as long as you use the Application, and is used to identify you.
  • The phone number you provide is used to validate your account, and may be used in the future for actions that require validation. The phone number you provide may also be used to send you notifications.
  • By providing a phone number, you warrant that it belongs to you, and you are responsible for its validity and availability.
  • The Supplier and the Operator shall not be liable for any damages you have suffered as a result of the invalidity or unavailability of the phone number you have provided, or as a result of third parties having gained access to the information sent to that phone number.
  • To get the most out of the Application, you are advised to enable location services in your phone settings.
  • You may select a language for the Application. Information about the selected language is stored for as long as you continue to use the Application.

Amendments to this Document

  • The Supplier may make changes and additions to this document by publishing a new, updated edition (version).
  • New versions shall enter into force on the day following their publication, if no other effective date is set.
  • The version number and effective date are indicated at the top of each page.
  • Updated versions will be available at the same link. It is your responsibility to check the link periodically for changes.


  • Issues not regulated by this document are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
  • This document, the relationship between you and the Supplier, and the relationship between you and the Operator, are governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Disputes arising out of this document or in relation to your use of the Application shall be exclusively submitted to the competent courts of the Republic of Armenia.

Customer Service

  • The Supplier and the Operator provide customer service for the Application and Additional Services, respectively.
  • For questions, suggestions, and complaints about the Application and Additional Services, please contact: 1/2 Area, 14/1, Hr. Nersisyan Str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, tel. +37411202033, e-mail: [email protected]