“National Electronic Healthcare Operator” CJSC

The “National Electronic Healthcare Operator” CJSC has been operating since September 2017.  “National Electronic Healthcare Operator” CJSC operating ARMED in 2021 has been certified by the globally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 Standard. The scopes of certification are: E-health information system IT infrastructure management; E-health application support and maintenance.

The Functions of the Operator Include:

Technical Management and Improvement of the System: Maintenance and exploitation of the servers, networks and technical infrastructures; acquisition, maintenance and upgrading of the equipments necessary for the improvement of their composition and structure.
Software maintenance: continuous operation of the system software, continuous upgrade of software tools, acquisition of software updates from the software vendor companies.
Subscriber and user service through a permanently operating customer service center.
Training for users eHealth Academy concerning the system usage.

Founders of the "National Electronic Healthcare Operator" CJSC

"National Electronic Healthcare Operator" CJSC  is found by two IT companies: "SYLEX SA" (Switzerland) and Masys Apahov (Armenia).

«SYLEX SA» (Lausanne, Switzerland)

The company has a significant international experience in the electronic healthcare, insurance and in the development of the diagnostic decision system based on artificial intelligence.
“Sylex SARL” has a reputation of a reliable partner for governments, major insurance companies, health care providers, and financial institutions across the world.

“Masys Apahov” (Armenia)

"Masys Apahov" LLC  operates in different countries supplying e-Health and insurance information technologies.
Company is specialized in development and implementation of insurance management and country level e-Health systems in Armenia and abroad.