Armenian programmers presented their AI-based clinical decision support system at HIMSS19 Conference

Armenian programmers took part in the largest international HIMSS19 Health IT Conference, held on February 11-15 in USA Florida, where world-leading companies present technological innovations related to healthcare. Companies offering innovative approaches and new technological solutions, representatives of the healthcare sector, the pharmaceutical industry and well-known medical universities around the world also participated in the conference.

Sylex SARL, the founder of the National eHealth Operator CJSC, had a separate pavilion at the forum's exhibition platform, presenting its new e-health solutions, including an AI-based diagnostic decision-making system. The robot-system developed by Armenian programmers can act as a therapist-assistant and help the doctor to find the right diagnosis.

"Participating in HIMSS has two goals: to introduce yourself to the world and to learn about the latest innovations. As a healthcare IT company, we follow the general development of the industry. Our engineers also aspire to the newer, to the higher. Previously, we always participated in HIMSS as a visitor in order to learn about the latest innovations. We are proud, that this year we have our pavilion next to international giants, such as IBM, Oracle Corporation, and so on", says Sylex SARL CEO, Avet Manukyan.

He notes that at present there is great interest and demand in the sphere of systems working with artificial intelligence. The system that was intraduced, the therapist's robot-assistant, can help the doctor to make a quick and more accurate diagnosis, avoid unnecessary measurements and research, and save time for other patients.

"The system is created for the medical community as a tool for doctors. Once we get absolute efficiency during system testings, we can confidently recommend the use of Dr. Lex's services.

Now we are planning to test it in a university and give last year medical university students the opportunity to compete with the artificial intelligence product”, says the Development Director of Sylex SARL, Karen Badalyan.

The company's programmers have put a lot of effort into developing the robot-system. The process has also involved doctors. Furthermore, the well-known Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy and PubMed's databases have been used.

 Reference: Sylex SARL, an IT company, is also the co-founder of the National e-Health Operator CJSC, together with Maysis Apahov Limited Liability Company. Sylex SARL is specialized in the development of software solutions in the sphere of eHealth and insurance. In these areas, the company has considerable international experience. Sylex SARL is the global partner of the world famous Ericsson Nikola Tesla technological company.


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